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Checking off a questionnaire

Gathering information from your customers via a well designed questionnaire is vital for your business' growth and success in the marketplace. You need the tools to administer survey processes, monitor results and report graphically on the performance of those results. However, a Customer Survey process is only a single aspect of what your business needs to stay ahead of the competition. If information is king, then it is the timely anaysis of the data returned from any survey process that yields the ultimate net benefit of conducting the survey process to begin with!

Any survey app worth it's salt must include standard tools to process the gathering, sampling, analyzing, and interpretation data from a group of people.  That may include information provided by your contact customers, potential customers, employees and more.

Survey insight

Survey Discussion

Survey management via our single point permission-based application offers complete control of the entire survey application process.  Whether your purpose is to gain satisfaction information from customers, employees, or for performing marketing research about your products and services, then a survey is absolutely required.

What types of Survey/Questionnaire do you need?

Survey Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Application Evaluation
  • Service Performance
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Performance
  • Marketing Research
  • Product evaluation
  • Event Development

Questionnaire Templates

Easily construct and maintain a library of re-usable questionnaires and Survey templates. Templates may be of any designated type and you may realize additional uses of our survey processes.

  • Customer Research
  • Human Resources
  • Service Performance
  • Training
  • More....

Survey Management

Design Flexibility

 Rating Answers

Template Design Resources

Standardized reusable design tools that aide in the development of questionnaire templates

  • create responsive (questions) radio buttons with definable scoring values
  • create responsive (questions) check boxes with single or multiple choice definable scoring values
  • define reporting (graphical) format per question
  • create unique question Help Text to assist user responses
  • create "snippets" that may contain graphics, questions, instructions or any combination thereof
  • trigger additional response visability based on previous question responses
  • unlimited question responses
  • create and maintain delivery groups per survey selection
  • publish revisions with automatic archiving of pervious version
  • make any question response a requirement

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