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Employee construction safety is mandated by verifible inspection compliance.

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Near Miss Reporting


Accident avoidance maybe an understandable given however, EU-OSHA®,  requires documented evidence that in all instances safety practices were discussed, followed and administered on the work site.  In the event of employee injury it is the responsibility of the company to provide substantial evidence to all safety equipment and rules were followed in compliance.

We provide the resources you require to manage a Safety Compliance programme. We help plan, process and manage your Health & Safety Compliance programme. We tie all the diverse information flowing in from projects into a coordinated compliance effort.

Near Miss Reporting:

The pyramid estimates that: for every fatal workplace accident, 3000 incidents did not cause any injuries. In other words, you are presented with 3000 opportunities to stop that fatality from taking place. Companies are not expected to and may not be able to ideally capture all the 3000 near miss events that occurred, given the volume of reports to manage. Just turning in and acting on 1% of that volume, would present companies with 30 opportunities to take corrective or preventive action.

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Resource Management

Resource Management

We define our construction document management system, as the integral control and organisation of all documents within our Construction Management Solution.  Monitor and track site inspection survey documents, work change orders and any type of important document that you wish to link to a site record. 

Do you have specific form documents that need to be filled out and returned to the project office?  When inspections occur, do you have documents that must be completed to validate compliance with your business standards?  Are you still passing paperwork around to staff and requiring them to completed the documents, return the completed documents to the office so that they can "be entered into a computer"   Stop the wasted effort.  Standardise forms as part of your business processing and thereby providing reference able auditable documents that stand up against compliance verification.  On demand, reproducible and  electronically accessible.

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Staff Education


Training Management

Let our Training Application - coordinate both internal and external staff training. Schedule and monitor Toolbox Talks, by job site and/or by attendee. Manage attendance and performance of staff training.  Our training calendar offers an immediate visual queue to help evaluate and coordinate education processes. 

Training management takes on a new meaning when the employee's livelihood depends on a specific trade certification.  Built into the app, staff mandated (trade) certifications are monitored and provide advance notification of potential out-of-compliance issues. Scheduller allows for both internal and external training possibilities.

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We support our solutions and are dedicated to solving problems, offering configuration advice and fielding requests for solution enhancements.  All activities that position our support services well beyond other commercial solution providers.

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